PT Bahana Solusi Indokarya

About our company

We started from a humble beginning

Started in 2007, when a group of highly dedicated people in audio and video system under the Bahana Multi Solusi continues to expand and grow themselves into one of the most integrated system and product suppliers which serves multiple companies in Indonesia. Then a company named PT Bahana Solusi Indokarya (Bahana) be founded in order to continue the fast and dynamic growth of the company.

Our tagline is “Delivering Beyond”, contains a commitment to be built by all elements in Bahana. To provide not only what is required by our client, but rather giving them what they expect. And that is our added value.

Our philosophy in delivering what is mentioned above is just not to be the best that assessed based on the amount of venture development. It is also in how we are being able to provide benefits to people through skills, job offers, ability and willingness to share the value according to our field.

Our Vision

To be known and trusted as a leading provider of integrated solutions that are reliable in the field of security, video and audio system in Indonesia.

Our Mission

BEYOND EXPECTATION. Being a company that delivers more than the needs of clients by applying the CARE service standards and company's values.
SOLUTION MAKER. Being a company that not only sells but also provide the best and right solution, based deep understanding, experience and knowledge.
INNOVATION IN EVERY ASPECT. Being acompany that continues to innovate in every aspect, to be well-knowned and respected, even become a barometer for the other companies.
KNOWLEDGE BUILDING. Being a company that has a culture of continuous self-development in order to increase knowledge and understanding of the field that was involved.