PT Bahana Solusi Indokarya

PT Bahana Solusi Indokarya

Focus on excellence in security systems

We provide effective and efficient services

In carrying out various activities, security becomes one of the main needs in our lives. Yet it is sometimes ignored and not becoming our priority. Therefore Bahana is here to provide a reliable and trusted security system. In addition we also provide various types of services that can be tailored to your needs. 

Consultation Support

Deep understanding into problems

Research & Planning

Finding the best solution

Installation & Training

Put every detailed things in place

System Implementation

Ensure everything runs smoothly

Our purpose is to focused in excellence in service and execution

Our philosophy in delivering what is mentioned above is just not to be the best that assessed based on the amount of venture development. It is also in how we are being able to provide benefits to people through skills, job offers, ability and willingness to share the value according to our field.

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